Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our First Visitors, the Final Days 4-5!

As the weekend wound down, we were all getting a little restless, so a Sunday morning hike was definitely overdue! We all met in Los Gatos on Sunday morning and hit the trail! We brought the dogs, and it was quite the trek! 
The views in the area are just unreal. We are really lucky to be living here!

After the hike, we decided to take a leisurely drive out to Santa Cruz. It was a beautiful (cold) day at the beach. We even stumbled upon a kayak surf competition and walked around the Santa Cruz Surf Museum.
We hit the pier for a late lunch at Stagnaro Bros. Restaurant. They had the most delicious smoked salmon, oh my. It was so freaking good!
There were even some lazy sea lions sun bathing. They are really like dog mermaids. Think about it...
We then cruised to Capitola and walked around the village.  It was just so nice to be with the family at the beach again. It had been too long!
 We called it an early evening, everyone was exhauted from the previous days adventures. Momadear and Granddaddy had an early flight, and my mom had a later flight, so I got to spend Monday with her. We went shopping (duh!) It was so nice to get to spend a few extra hours with just her. I really do miss everyone, but we really love living here. Its so crazy how your heart can be pulled in two different states!
The weekend was just fabulous and I cannot wait until they come to visit again!

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